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IGC is an extended shape of IGC Tours and Travels Pvt. Ltd. which has established itself as a rapidly growing business house today based in Nepal with momentous domestic and international operations. Coming from a humble beginning on June 5, 2000 with this travel agency, the company has since then taken leaps forward to be one of the leading business groups in the country. The business operations of IGC currently encompass six business sectors: Tourism, Aviation, Cargo, Hydropower Development, Investment and Information Technology. Since the inception to date, commitment to innovation and excellence in quality of services has been the hallmarks of the company coupled with strong adherence to business ethics and corporate social responsibility - never to compromise in future.

The business operations of IGC are spread across four different continents. The major companies of IGC include - IGC Tours and Travels ; our flagship company from where it all started; Sansui Treks and Expedition, Micro Investment and Development Company, Yoogle Business Technology and Sansui Cargo.

The expansion of the IGC is endorsed by the widening of its networks for cooperation and partnerships with national, regional and international collaborators. The last decade has witnessed a fast increase in international partnership in terms of business exchange activities, sharing ideas and experiences among likeminded partners by benefiting mutually.

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As a value based business organization the commitment of IGC is towards excellence coupled with uncompromised quality to all stakeholders. The Group, therefore, aims at building a series of world class, world scale businesses in carefully chosen sectors. Anchored in Nepal and wedded to its traditional values and strong ethics, the group is rapidly expanding and exploring new sector with a commitment to achieve growth through excellence and innovation while balancing the interests of its shareholders, its employees, clients and wider society.


Our objective at IGC is to establish ourselves as a leading world class business house that provides a range of products and services to the global community with highest professional efficiency and honesty.


Our mission is to expand business in accordance with the demand of times and the growing needs of consum- ers/customers and partners in commensuration with the latest available technology for the overall growth and success of the company.


Hard work and sincerity are the cardinal principles of IGC. It commits itself to its firm belief that its business ventures must contribute to the economic growth of the country and its people, even beyond its geographical boundaries.

The pieces of a puzzle have to be put together to create a whole picture. The small pieces of a Lego need to be attached to get a bigger complete structure. Similarly, the main heart and soul of the Group lies on the foundation of 3 building blocks which come together to create a whole new entity committed to service excellence, known to the world as IGC.

There are three Principles that guide the way our Group operates and the way our team performs.

Quality in Service

At IGC, most of our work is emphasized on delivering quality products and services to our customers. Starting right from their appointment, our team members focus their efforts towards the betterment of the client experience. While our services are targeted towards meeting the customerโ€™s needs, our main priority is exceeding their actual expectations. Consistency in service delivery and conforming to quality standards are our greatest strengths. As a part of our service-quality management, we regularly monitor and maintain our service standards to identify performance issues that impact customer service.

Excellence in performance

Our entire team is focused on delivering excellent and top notch performance to satisfy the customers and to uplift their experience level. We use an integrated approach to manage the organizational performance of all our team to ensure a result oriented and effective delivery from all. Each aspiring team member is dedicated in learning more about the clients and customers and providing them effective as well as efficient services.

Integrity at Workplace

One of the fundamental aspects that we consider while hiring a team member is their moral and ethical principles at the workplace. Workplace integrity is an essential factor for the development of trust and teamwork in our company. We place high values to moral codes and how a member behaves in a team. Traits like honesty and confidentiality are a must and we provide the right environment where members can focus on creating a deceit and bias free environment.

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