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Mr. Hari Man Lama is one of the few well known names in arena of tourism of Nepal for quite some time. He specializes in many aspects of tourism, trade and commerce, including mountain tourism, adventure tourism, sports tourism and religious tourism. He takes a keen interest in the country’s heritage, culture, civilization, tradition, art, architecture, pagoda temples and monasteries. Mr. Lama realizes that Nepal, a country with a unique topography and landscape and home to some of the world’s most friendly people, seriously needs to improve and make its civil aviation system well equipped. He believes that tourists coming to Nepal should be given a variety of options in choosing airlines, hotels, tour and trekking packages, etc. so that tourism can prosper and benefit the country economically. His experience and vision to improve tourism in the country has earned him a distinct place in the field of tourism in Nepal.

A graduate in commerce, Mr. Lama is a multilingual person fluent in Nepali, English, Japanese, Spanish, Hindi and some ethnic languages spoken in Nepal. With his impressive personality backed by his infinite experiences and involvement in a variety of businesses, he has been in productive business for the last two decades, focusing on tourism. He has also been involving himself in charity works. During this span of time in the tourism field, he has explored the world and gathered experiences of other cultures, which would probably take others a lifetime to do so.

In addition to his leading role in the IGC, he is also a promoter of HAMA Finance Limited and Infrastructure Development Bank Limited. His position as Secretary General of the Society of Adventure Tour Operators (SATO-NEPAL) from 2009 to date displays his interest in adventure tourism which is well recognized by SATO-Nepal.

The following are the social engagements with which Mr. Lama was associated with:

  • • President, Nepal Volunteer Association (2000-2006)
  • • Global Coordinator, Global Youth Meet (1999-2000)
  • • Member, International Advisory Board, International Youth Parliament Sydney, Australia
  • • Executive Member, National Youth Council (appointed in 2000 by the then His Majesty’s Government of Nepal)

Mr. Lama does not limit himself to gaining new experiences but also shares them with others. That’s why he has published many articles in different newspapers and journals. He has also a book to his credit. Among them, the book “Divine Destination - A Pilgrimage to the Rakchyas Taal, Mt. Kailash and Lake Manasarovar", published in 2005 has been able to win the hearts of many readers, especially those with religious minds. Another well acclaimed publication is “Poems of the Century – Dedicated to the Youths of the New Millennium” which first appeared in the special edition of the Global Youth Meet 1999 -2000.

Having been able to widely travel around the world, the IGC boss has made possible for many Nepalese to fly abroad at cheap fares by introducing in Nepal one of the world’s best low cost carriers AirAsia X. With his own endeavor, Mr. Lama has been able to fly hundreds of thousands of passengers in and out of Nepal by making the IGC the GSA of the well acclaimed airline of this Himalayan nation.

Mr. Lama is of the opinion that Nepal is fortunate enough in possessing the much needed resources required for tourism as a free gift from nature. He suggests that we all need to preserve those gifts, exhibit them to the interested visitors from all over the world by providing excellent service. This will help turn the slogan “visiting Nepal once is not enough” into a reality.

In a nutshell, Mr. Lama’s different roles as a professional expert, advisor to the Nepal Government, partner to national and international stakeholders, investor-entrepreneur, have significantly contributed to the development of tourism in Nepal. It seems undoubtedly that Mr. Lama is all for tourism.

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