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After receiving a post graduate degree in Commerce, Mr. Ganesh Man Lama engaged himself in the tourism trade for almost 2 decades, planning and organizing tour, travel and trekking packages for a good number of tourists visiting Nepal. He looks after the overall financial management of the IGC in terms of financial and revenue analysis, research, marketing and forecasting business trends. At the IGC, he is also involved in market exploration and business negotiations with national and international companies, especially with the Japanese and North-East Asian companies.

Mr. Lama’s efforts and achievements have played a positive role in the tourism sector of Nepal, contributing to the economy of the country and enhancing the nation’s image throughout the world. Due to his adventurous nature, Mr. Lama explored many new trekking routes in some of the most difficult areas of Nepal, making treks exciting for trekkers coming to Nepal from all over the world.

Apart from supporting his elder brother Mr. Hari Man Lama in running the IGC’s business planning and operations, he has earned a good name for his involvement and participation in charity organizations in service of the needy and underprivileged populace.

He is the Regional Coordinator for Asia Friendship Network in Nepal (AFN Nepal), along with AFN Japan. AFN Japan recently finished constructing 50 school buildings in rural Nepal. Mr. Lama has been actively leading the team of Japanese and Nepalese volunteers who are planning to construct more school buildings in the coming years to benefit the remote village communities.

Mr. Lama considers that tourism plays a role of a bridge between different cultures, practiced by the peoples of different countries of the world. He also believes that getting familiar with the culture of other countries leads to a gateway to other countries’ way of life, enriching thereby people-to-people relations.

Multilingual Mr. Lama is fluent in English, Japanese and some ethnic languages spoken in Nepal. His main interest lies in visiting new places, meeting new faces, discovering various aspects of cultures around the globe for the cause of humanity.

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